Ultrasound Guided Joint injection

Application of ultrasound in pain medicine is a rapidly growing medical field in interventional pain management. Ultrasound provides direct visualization of various soft tissues and real-time needle advancement and avoids exposing both the health care provider and the patient to the risks of radiation.

This noninvasive, nonionising imaging technique allows continuous monitoring of the needle position, which facilitates the performance of safe and precise cortisone injections.

Advantages of ultrasound over fluoroscopy include its soft-tissue imaging capabilities that allow a diagnostic study to be performed before cortisone injection.





Located in central Ohio, in Westerville just north of Columbus, Advanced Pain Management Center was established to treat individuals suffering from chronic disabling pain. Our medical practice offers a fully integrated and comprehensive pain management.
Our pain clinic offers a complete set advanced pain management techniques and procedures to deal with all types of acute pain or chronic pain.  Whether it is back pain, neck pain, knee pain, fibromyalgia, or even if you are not sure where the pain is originating, Dr Chen has the diagnostic tools and expert experience to determine the source and cause of your pain and effectively treat it.  Dr Chen has medical degrees in the US and China. Dr Chen has completed training in 2 world class hospitals in the US: an anesthesiology residency at UAMS and a pain fellowship at renowned MD Anderson in Houston Texas. (Here is Dr Chen’s brief bio in English or in Chinese).  Whether if it is powerful pain prescriptions, join injections, pain pumps or alternatives like acupuncture Ti chi, or nutritional consultation, Dr Chen has it all for discrete conservative effective comprehensive pain relief that will contribute to healing health and improved quality of life. What we are about and our philosophy is advanced individualized pain contol for each patient. You may use our contact form or call 614-882-1434

Procedures and services offered and described in the tabs above include: Variety of Nerve Block Radio Frequency Denervation Epidural Steroid Injection, Botox Injection, Ultrasound Guided Joint Injection, Spinal Cord Stimulator and Intrathecal Pump Management, Selective Nerve Scan, Hyalgan Injection, Facet Joint Injection, Disc Decompression, Nutritional Consultation for Headache, Arthritis, and Chronic Pain, Acupuncture, and Opiod Management.